Terms and Conditions

Under this Referral Program (“the Program”), a current member of the Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort (“SCCR”) Players Club (“Referrer”) may refer an individual to become a New Player (defined below) at SCCR by way of electronic mail, text message, or through use of social media (“Referral Communications”) according to these Terms and Conditions of the Program (“the Terms”). Any individual that has been referred or delivered Referral Communications in accordance with the Terms shall be known as “the Referred Person.” A Referrer and a Referred Person will be eligible to receive a Referral Reward (defined below) if the Referred Person becomes a New Player according to the Terms, eligibility requirements, and restrictions herein.

New Players: For purposes of the Program and the Terms, “New Player(s)” means a Referred Person who enrolls in the Program according to the Terms, otherwise satisfies the eligibility requirements and restrictions of the Program, and who:

  • Has not been a member of the Suquamish Clearwater Casino Players Club within the three years preceding the date of their participation in the Program.
  • Meets the minimum age and other eligibility requirements for membership in the Suquamish Clearwater Casino Players Club.
  • Is not currently refused service from the Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort, and is not barred from the Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort by order of the Suquamish Tribal Gaming Commission or other lawful authority.

Enrollment in the Program: To enroll in the Program, the Referrer must provide the Referrer’s valid email address to the SCCR and agree to these Terms. Once enrolled, the Referrer may send Referral Communications to individuals via email, text message, and various forms of social media. Referral Communications contain the Referrer’s unique code (the “Referral Code”) as well as a hyperlink that directs the Referred Person to the Program’s website to initiate the Referred Person’s enrollment in the Program.

A Referred Person may only enroll in the Program by providing a valid email address to the SCCR and agreeing to the Terms. A Referred Person must also accurately complete the registration form by providing the Referred Person’s legal name, date of birth, current home address, and telephone number.

To receive a Referral Reward, the Referred Person must then use or submit the Referral to the SCCR, and enroll in the SCCR Players Club. A Referrer will not be entitled to a Referral Reward if a Referred Person becomes a member of the SCCR Players Club without using the Referral Code, if the Referred Person uses an incorrect Referral Code or a code belonging to a different Referrer, or without satisfying the Terms or accurately completing the enrollment and the Referral Process (defined below). The Referrer and the Referred Person must strictly comply with Program rules, instructions, eligibility requirements, and the Terms for the Referrer to be eligible for a Referral Reward.

Eligibility and Restrictions: Referrers and Referred Persons must be individuals who are at least 18 years of age at the time of registration. The Referrer and Referred Person cannot be the same person. SCCR does not guarantee any Referrer or participant successful enrollment in the Program or successful completion of the Referral Process. Referrer must be an active and non-restricted member of the Players’ Club and have played at least once within the last 12 months. SCCR expressly reserves the right to accept or reject a Referred Person’s Players’ Club application at the SCCR’s sole discretion.

Current employees of SCCR are not eligible to be a Referrer or a Referred Person.

If the Referred Person has not joined the Players’ Club within 90 days, the Referred Person may be referred by a different Referrer if the situation arises. Unique referral links do not expire.

Referrer must be in good standing to be eligible to receive the referral reward.

By enrolling, participating, or attempting to enroll or participate in the Program, you agree that you will not make any inaccurate or false claims or misrepresentations to SCCR, Referrers, or Referred Persons in any way related to these Terms or the Program. You further agree that you will not use or interact with the Program for any wrongful purpose, or to violate any federal, state, or local laws, rules, or regulations (including, but not limited to, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) and the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act (“CAN-SPAM”)), or in a manner that is reasonably considered harassing, harmful, illegal, or obscene. You further agree that any misrepresentations, misappropriations, or other wrongful acts by you in relation to your involvement with the Program may result in criminal or civil liability to you.

Completion of the Referral Process: By enrolling in the Program and satisfying the Program eligibility requirements and conditions above, the Referrer and the Referred Person shall be deemed to have completed the necessary steps (“the Referral Process”) to receive a Referral Reward (defined below) under the Terms.

Referral Rewards: “Referral Reward” means the award of SCCR Players Club points to the Referrer and the Referred Person. There are two types of Referral Reward: (1) an “Enrollment” Reward, and (2) a “Threshold” Reward. For purposes of the Program, a Referral Reward shall follow the rewards thresholds in Figure 1 below. The Referrer will earn an Enrollment Reward as shown in Figure 1 for each Referred Person who successfully completes the Referral Process in accordance with these Terms by using the Referrer’s unique Referral Code. A Referrer may earn a maximum of ten Enrollment Rewards. In addition, the Referrer will receive a “Threshold” Reward as shown in Figure 1 for each Players Club threshold achieved by each New Player. Referrers will only receive Threshold Rewards generated by Referred Persons for whom the Referrer received an Enrollment Reward. Only one Referrer may receive a Referral Reward for each New Player that fulfills the requirements of the Terms. A Referred Person who becomes a New Player and otherwise satisfies the requirements of the Terms will also earn a Referral Reward as described in Figure 2. A New Player shall only be entitled to one Referral Reward but may subsequently earn Referral Rewards as a Referrer under the Terms of the Program.

Referrer Reward Based on Referrer Status
Referred Person ThresholdTopazEmeraldRubyDiamond
Enrollment 4,000 Points6,000 Points8,000 Points10,000 Points
Emerald Status (10K Points) 1 40,000 Points40,000 Points40,000 Points40,000 Points
Ruby Status (50K Points) 1 200,000 Points200,000 Points200,000 Points200,000 Points
Diamond Status (120K Points) 480,000 Points480,000 Points480,000 Points480,000 Points
Enrollment & Signup4,000 Points

1. This Reward is only available for the New Player’s achievement of this Threshold within the first year of the New Player’s enrollment in the Players Club.

Referral Rewards are subject to the Terms, which may change at the SCCR’s sole discretion and without notice. Referral Rewards may not be combined with any other offers. The Program may end or change without notice and there is no guarantee that the Program will continue for any length of time. Referral Rewards cannot be transferred, assigned, returned, or exchanged. If Referral Rewards are determined to constitute miscellaneous income that is taxable to the recipient, that recipient is solely responsible for reporting and filing the appropriate reports and tax documents with the IRS or any other Governmental/Quasi-Governmental agency. In exchange for participating in the Program, you agree that SCCR and Syntropy Group cannot and will not be held liable for any failure to disclose such income.

Payment of Referral Rewards: SCCR will load Referral Rewards points directly to the Referrer and New Player’s Players’ Club account within 7 days of the Referred Person becoming a New Player and the completion of the Referral Process, and within 7 days of the New Player reaching a new Players Club threshold.

Privacy and Confidentiality: By participating in the Program and agreeing to the Terms, you voluntarily waive the right to privacy and confidentiality of your customer status with SCCR. You further acknowledge and accept that persons whom you refer, and who have referred you to the Program, may be aware of your relationship with SCCR and that you are, or may become, a customer of SCCR. Additionally, by agreeing to these Terms you agree to receive information concerning the Program, along with other marketing materials and promotional information SCCR deems relevant to the Program in its sole discretion.

Indemnity/Release: By agreeing to the Terms, you agree to release and hold harmless SCCR and Program Provider (“Released Parties”) from all claims, losses, or damages, including, but not limited to, those sounding in tort and contract, whether in law or in equity. You also agree to defend, indemnify, reimburse, release, and hold harmless the Released Parties from all actions, claims, demands, suits, penalties, damages, losses, costs, expenses, and liabilities, stemming from, caused by, connected with, or related to your participation in the Program or violation of the Terms. You further agree that the Released Parties are not and cannot be held responsible for data loss or theft, errors, accidents, force majeure, or any factors, errors, or accidents, external or internal. You agree the Program Provider will not and cannot be held accountable for any failure to disclose by SCCR, Referrer, or Referred Person. You also understand that SCCR does not guarantee or warrant successful delivery of Referral Communications, and agree that SCCR is not liable for any failed Referral Communications, and is not required to disclose Failed Referral Communications to the Referrer. All Offers and all Terms are subject to change without notice.


  1. It is the referred patron’s responsibility to show their shared unique code to the Players Club Representative at the time they are signing up to be a new member.
  2. No employee of Port Madison Enterprises (PME), nor any member of the PME Board of Directors, shall be eligible to enter into this promotion at Clearwater Casino.
  3. By participating in this promotion, you agree to have your name, photo, and/or likeness to be used in any future publicity materials published by the Clearwater Casino.
  4. The Clearwater Casino reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time without prior notification.
  5. Please gamble responsibly! Call 1-800-547-6133 or visit our security podium if you need help or assistance.